I decided on the RootyRUG after a while, when I tried to walk barefoot or in minimalist shoes (thanks to the enlightenment of Janka Tóthová). I realized that due to the predominantly flat surfaces that surround us, it wasn’t enough… I felt the hard and flat terrain as annoying and tiring for my legs, joints, and spine.

I placed it in the corridor, where we pass through most frequently and where the children have their “running track”, chasing each other from one end of the apartment to another.

The rug is strong and has a rough surface. I chose the color as a subtle Oak Brown – practical, so as not to see so much dirt. Sometimes I just beat it outside the window. I have to be a little more careful when vacuuming to reach all the depressions. I appreciate the material from which it is made (PP a PA, and ecologically harmless glue) – it doesn’t emit an odor like most new carpets do.

I noticed that I automatically slow down before the rug and I tighten my whole body. It’s the most notable in the dark at night, when I step more carefully on a place where I expect the rug to be. I realized that when I walk along a flat surface, my body uses less muscles and tends to falter.

I’m satisfied with the rug. To get a greater effect, I would have to have more of them at home.