What is RootyRIG

A long lasting, "bumpy" carpet is the ONE carpet that:

  • will allow you to work on the health of your feet everyday,
  • will be used by the whole family, not only the child,
  • can stay in the house for a long time and will also serve as a designer piece,
  • brings the feel of nature into your home,
  • does not add to the plastic clutter,
  • is pet-friendly,
  • is hand-made by a barefoot loving family from the Czech Republic.
The RootyRUG has raised elements, formed by irregularly arranged “roots”. These simulate a forest floor when you or your child walks on them. The touch receptors in the soles of the feet activate muscles that are inactive when walking on a flat floor – and the entire foot becomes stronger without any need for deliberate exercise.


RootyRUG has been designed to bring variety into your home. That’s the key to ensuring that our feet remain watchful and are better able to deal with the strains of each step. 

Feet regain their sensitivity and are more able to inform the central nervous system about the position and nature of the surface. The variety of the surface forces us to engage different muscles in different positions, thus developing coordination. If a person regularly subjects his feet to unevenness that stimulates not only the feet but also the blood circulation, this leads to a positive change and a decrease blood pressure. Orthopedists and pediatricians have long recommended walking on uneven ground as a basic way to prevent acquiring flatfoot. And that’s not all – walking on uneven surfaces trains the vestibular system of the inner ear, thus improving the balance of the body. 

Stimulates the arches of the feet

The uneven surface of RootyRUG forces all the muscles of the foot to engage, thus strengthening the instep.

Practices the ankles

When stepping on an uneven surface, the ankles must conform to the shape of the surface. Walking on uneven ground therefore provides for excellent prevention of unstable ankles.

Recommended by physiotherapists

Physiotherapists use and recommended RootyRUG as an aid for tactile stimulation and proprioception exercises. According to experts, the RootyRUG is also useful in correcting disorders of the arch of the foot.


You do not need to cover the entire room with RootyRUG. Even if your apartment has 50 or 100 square meters most of the time, your family members move in the same places along the same routes. That’s where ROOTY belongs. By appropriate placement of the Rooty rug you can achieve hundreds of healthy steps. Daily. In any weather.


The roots are a symbol of the essence and beginning of everything living around us. They are nice, strong and very well connected with life. The harmony of man with nature is a key thing for us. We want young children to be connected to nature that is close to them.
Everyone knows rugs. It is practical and useful. We have connected these two completely natural things for us and created RootyRUG – an oasis for your feet.