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What is RootyRIG

A long lasting, "bumpy" carpet is the ONE carpet that:

  • will allow you to work on the health of your feet everyday,
  • will be used by the whole family, not only the child,
  • can stay in the house for a long time and will also serve as a designer piece,
  • brings the feel of nature into your home,
  • does not add to the plastic clutter,
  • is pet-friendly,
  • is hand-made by a barefoot loving family from the Czech Republic.
The RootyRUG has raised elements, formed by irregularly arranged “roots”. These simulate a forest floor when you or your child walks on them. The touch receptors in the soles of the feet activate muscles that are inactive when walking on a flat floor – and the entire foot becomes stronger without any need for deliberate exercise.


RootyRUG has been designed to bring variety into your home. That’s the key to ensuring that our feet remain watchful and are better able to deal with the strains of each step. 

Feet regain their sensitivity and are more able to inform the central nervous system about the position and nature of the surface. The variety of the surface forces us to engage different muscles in different positions, thus developing coordination. If a person regularly subjects his feet to unevenness that stimulates not only the feet but also the blood circulation, this leads to a positive change and a decrease blood pressure. Orthopedists and pediatricians have long recommended walking on uneven ground as a basic way to prevent acquiring flatfoot. And that’s not all – walking on uneven surfaces trains the vestibular system of the inner ear, thus improving the balance of the body. 

Stimulates the arches of the feet

The uneven surface of RootyRUG forces all the muscles of the foot to engage, thus strengthening the instep.

Practices the ankles

When stepping on an uneven surface, the ankles must conform to the shape of the surface. Walking on uneven ground therefore provides for excellent prevention of unstable ankles.

Recommended by physiotherapists

Physiotherapists use and recommended RootyRUG as an aid for tactile stimulation and proprioception exercises. According to experts, the RootyRUG is also useful in correcting disorders of the arch of the foot.


You do not need to cover the entire room with RootyRUG. Even if your apartment has 50 or 100 square meters most of the time, your family members move in the same places along the same routes. That’s where ROOTY belongs. By appropriate placement of the Rooty rug you can achieve hundreds of healthy steps. Daily. In any weather.


The roots are a symbol of the essence and beginning of everything living around us. They are nice, strong and very well connected with life. The harmony of man with nature is a key thing for us. We want young children to be connected to nature that is close to them.
Everyone knows rugs. It is practical and useful. We have connected these two completely natural things for us and created RootyRUG – an oasis for your feet.


RootyRUG and health

Can RootyRUG help flat feet?

Yes, it can. But a lot depends on what the cause of the flat feet is. In most cases, the foot is only weakened (wearing improper shoes, etc.) and needs sufficient stimuli from the outside to begin working as it should – meaning using all the muscles involved. In this case, ROOTY in combination with barefoot walking serves very well.

Warning: RootyRUG is not an orthopedic or other medical device and can not replace professional treatment. If you are unsure whether RootyRUG is suitable for you, talk to your doctor.

 Could the RootyRUG be unsuitable for some people?

Yes, it could. Especially for people with disorders of body coordination, unsteadiness, severe orthopedic impairments or with whom it may be assumed that movement on an uneven surface may cause problems.

How to use RootyRUG

Where is the best place to lay the RootyRUG?

Clearly in a place where people walk the most – not only you, but everyone in the family should take as many steps on it as possible. The ideal place is the hallway, living room, or kids’ room. It makes no sense to place it near the bed.

Where it is not recommended to place the RootyRUG?

In terms of maximum utility value, it isn’t recommended placing it by the bed, for example, because we spend little time there. Because of possible damage to the RootyRUG, we do not recommend laying it in moist areas such as the bathroom, balcony, terrace, or garden. For safety reasons, don’t place the RootyRUG on ramps, stairs and the like, where there may be a problem with balance, or to dark places where orientation is worse.

On what surface it is recommended to place the RootyRUG? 

Definitely on a hard, flat surface such as tiles, parquet, laminate or a floating floor.

Can I lay the RootyRUG on the carpet or other soft surface?

Yes, you can. But it depends on its thickness and hardness. It is true that the harder and thinner the carpet, the better. On a soft carpet, there’s the chance that the relief will push the ROOTY to the softer ground and may damage both the ROOTY and the substrate.

Other Questions

Can I place furniture on the RootyRUG? 

No, you can not. This could damage the ROOTY or make the furniture unstable.

Can I use a wheeled chair on the RootyRUG?

No, you can not – you risk permanently damaging the ROOTY and maybe even the chair.

What is a difference between RootyRUG and massage pad?

A big difference. The ROOTY allows for walking, meaning taking a few steps over it. The impact of the ROOTY on the foot is not unpleasant. Its surface is not repetitive, so each step is different. Massage pads are usually small and do not allow for walking, but only for stepping in place. Their surface (relief) is repetitive (e.g. many small dots in a row next to each other), so that when you walk on it, you’re repeatedly stimulating the same place on the foot. Moreover, a massage pad laid permanently in the middle of the room doesn’t look very nice.

Can I walk on RootyRUG in shoes?

Yes, you can, but it is not recommended. The raised points would wear out more quickly or be excessively contaminated. If you place it into the hallway and walk over it in your shoes from time to time, no harm done. Walking on the ROOTY around in your shoes, however, does not make sense – the shoes prevent perception of the surface.


Product details

Made in Czech Republic, and all the materials come from Europe.

EUWe manufacture the RootyRUG in the Czech Republic. Why? We care about quality. We don’t want to unnecessarily increase the carbon footprint of our RootyRUG. And we wouldn’t be able to tolerate that the production of our rug would involve the exploitation of child labor, as is still common in Asian factories. This is why all the materials that we use in the manufacture of RootyRUG have their origins in the EU (Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain).

Certified. And not only that.
The technical principle of the product is patent protected.

Innovative approach

RootyRUG_physiotherapy_2RootyRUG is a perfect aid for physical therapists who like to introduce innovative approaches to rehabilitation for child and adult patients alike. The RootyRUG provides uneven but stable support for the joints of the feet while still providing valuable tactile stimulation for the soles.
The characteristics of the RootyRUG are different from traditional balancing (i.e. inherently unstable) devices. It supports the physiological grip of the feet and the position of the ankles while the foot is adapting to the curvature of the RootyRUG. This leads to constant changes in the relative positions of the forefoot and heel of the foot.
Physiotherapists use RootyRUG especially for tactile stimulation of the feet, exercising proprioception, and training the foot to step. RootyRUG also be used as an aid in the rehabilitation of the feet and unstable ankles, balance disorders, or as an adjunct therapy to idiopathic walking on tiptoe for children.


Excercise with RootyRUG

Liven up your home exercises

RootyRUG_Excercise_2Throughout exercising, RootyRUG distributes the weight of our body beneath our feet differently than any other previous way. Just standing on one leg or doing a simple squat is much harder than on a flat surface. Even such a simple exercise forces our entire foot to become involved, especially in the toes, and to concentrate more on the activities performed. RootyRUG serves very well as a regenerative aid after a demanding sport performance.

From head to toe
Play on RootyRUG

For the kids, without excuses


Putting the ROOTY to meaningful use. It’s perfect for the child’s room or play area and is suitable for everyone, from preschoolers to teenagers. In the winter or during bad weather, children can exercise their feet while playing games, for example. Has a physiotherapist prescribed you some home exercises or to walk barefoot outside, and your teenager doesn’t want to? ROOTY is a peaceful solution. The rugged surface of the ROOTY inspires kids to think up other ways to use it during games. You can also prepare various activities and games for the children yourself. ROOTY is an ideal gift for kids and the whole family.

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RootyRUG is still hand-made by a barefoot loving family from the Czech Republic.


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