Our kids received the rug with enthusiasm. As soon as I put it on the kitchen floor, it was immediately occupied by dinosaurs, animals, and cars. The “roots” were declared mountains and befitted with their new residents.

Wrinkles gathered on my forehead when I saw that instead of the kids walking on the new “miracle”, they sat absorbed in their play for hours. But since the rug is portable, over the next few days I found it in unexpected places as well, depending on where the mountains were needed at the time.

But everything has its own time; the kids found other entertainment and the dinosaurs gradually moved to other parts of the apartment.

The rug remained alone. In other words, it was finally available for my experiments. I placed where we all pass through many times a day, in front of the kitchen. And little by little, I examined it. I found that it was very nice to walk on it very gently, massage my tired feet and let it rub them. It’s even more interesting, though, when you forget that you have this oddness at home, you run to the kitchen and remember it at the moment when you painfully step on a particularly thick root with all your strength. It was then that I realized that my feet have such sensitive spots!

I’m a big fan of walking barefoot on uneven terrain, I indulge my children to wear barefoot shoes, because I see this as a good investment. All my children have difficulty with their posture (even through have lots of movement and don’t sit at the PC), and I’m always looking for all available ways to help them. I am glad that we have such a rooty carpet at home, and I only regret that it’s just a small bit of the surface of our home. I wish I had it “everywhere” if it were more affordable.

I take my children to physical therapy, and they have to exercise regularly. I plan to introduce the rug to my rehabilitation nurse, and I wonder how she’ll like it. This very bit of help could be an interesting aid during exercise.

I like the idea of a root rug very much, and I definitely recommend it.

Jana, four children