Friday September 23 was a turning point for us and was a tremendous motivation for our work. We had the luck of a short encounter with Dr. Christian Larsen, a respected leader in modern physiotherapy. If you haven’t heard of Dr. Larsen, allow us a few words of introduction. Christian Larsen is a Swiss doctor and scientist, and the co-founder of Spiraldynamik, the concept of 3-dimensional, clear, and systematic “anatomically correct movement”. He has written several books, e.g. well-known book is “Healthy feet for your child”. (German issue: Gesunde Füße für Ihr Kind)


We spoke about human feet and the effect that uneven surfaces have on them. Our brief discussion quickly led to a rather extensive chat about RootyRUG. Dr. Larsen was very intrigued by the RootyRUG, asked very substantial questions, developed the discussion further, and was soon trying it out for himself. He finally asked us to send him a RootyRUG so he could become better acquainted with it, which is a great honor for us.logo-spiraldynamik

The meeting with Dr. Larsen took place on the occasion of his lecture in the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, thanks to the efforts of physiotherapist, lecturer and organizer of Spiraldynamik courses in the Czech Republic, Mrs. Lenka Kazmarová.

We attended the lecture as well. In the next article we’d like to share our insights from it with you.