RootyRUG KIDS - Hedgie

RootyRUG KIDS is a unique range of rugs that help your child's feet to keep on the right track. Its smart design resembles natural terrain, and provides bumpy challenges for growing feet.

RootyRUG KIDS - Hedgie
Color: Granite - Gray
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Color: Oak - Brown Dark

RootyRUG is a unique rug that awakens your feet to life. Its surface has irregular bumps (roots) and is slightly rough to simulate a natural terrain as closely as possible. Each step you make on RootyRUG is unique.

RootyRUG is:

  • suitable for both children and adults feet. It is not slippery or cold, and it is safe. Its distinctive and rich colours fits into modern premises.
  • designed for walking and exercising barefoot or in socks. It is a perfect tool for sportsmen and rehabilitating patients with orthopaedic disorders. It helps small children with the healthy development of their feet. It is used and recommended by physiotherapists.

RootyRUG will be appreciated by anyone who enjoys the feeling of walking barefoot. The rug’s protrusions nicely break the traditional stereotype of a flat floor.

Will you use the rug at home? Lay it in the middle of the room, into a hallway, just into a busy place and walk on it as often as possible.

Usage and maintenance:

RootyRUG should lie on a hard and smooth surface, ideally where you walk most frequently: into a hallway or in the middle of the living room.

RootyRUG can be vacuumed like a regular rug. It can also be wet cleaned if you follow the instructions.

RootyRUG is designed, patented, and manufactured in the Czech Republic (EU).

  • Dimensions: 80 x 100 cm
  • Warranty: 3 years (Estimated life-time: 10+ years)
  • Surface material: polyamide, polypropylene, polyester
  • Maximum load: 150 kg (walking adult)
  • Pet-friendly
  • Safe - (Anti slip coating)