We bought the Rooty almost six months ago. After it arrived, our initial fears and insecurities of how it would look, and whether or not we hadn’t perhaps bought a white elephant and got sucked into some advertising trick that focused on “the most valuable thing”, our health, soon disappeared. I have to admit, we all fell immediately in love with the rug here at home. At first we were so enthusiastic that we had it in front of the TV and we stepped on it while we watched TV. The kids also spent lots of time on the rug and soon had a parking lot for all their toy cars in the rug’s nooks and crannies ;-). After we had sufficiently “broken in” the rug, which was only about a month ago, we moved the rug to the highest-traffic area of the apartment – into the corridor. We have tile and linoleum throughout the apartment, so walking on a carpet is always a welcome and pleasant massage. Our son also has flat feet, so I’m glad that we were able to “improve” this ever-present smooth terrain. Since we selected the right color, the rug fits our corridor perfectly and is very easy to maintain. One carpet, though, isn’t enough to fully enjoy walking across it, or for the children to unconsciously train their feet each time they cross it. Luckily, our corridor is long enough, so we’re planning to buy two more pieces pretty soon. We’re already looking forward to it.